toyotaFrom the Toyota Camry to the Highlander, all the way from the Lexus IS to the GX, we service any and all imports here at Jackson Auto Repair. If you are in the neighborhood of the Jackson area, let us be your go-to shop for repairs and maintenance.

Lexus Auto Service in Jackson, TN

Jackson Auto Repair in Jackson, TN is well versed in all things Lexus. Whether your car’s manual clutch is wearing out or you just want to increase the performance and lifespan of your automatic transmission, you should take your car somewhere that believes in its work and backs that work with a 24 month / 24,000-mile warranty so you can rest easy with your choice to do business with us. We specialize in European cars and all their parts, not just transmissions, meaning we can cover all your Lexus needs when they arise. We are also here to prevent those major interruptions to life.

Toyota Auto Service in Jackson, TN

Whether you have a Lexus or a Toyota they are both beloved cars that need to be maintained to keep providing you with the best ride of your day-to-day life. That is where we come in at Jackson Auto Repair, we provide the best service so you can have the best driving experience. We look at every car that comes through our shop the same way as a vessel to bring you and your family a happy life.

Planning a Big Trip?

Car’s are an important part of any family dynamic. They allow us to go on big trips. Whether it’s a family of one going for a solo trip across the country or a family of six going to see the Grand Canyon, you rely on your car to get from point A to point B safely. On hot summer days, you will need that sweet AC to cool you down. Come by Jackson Auto Repair for a pre-trip inspection. This pre-trip inspection covers the following:

  • Your car’s fluids, to ensure your car stays cool and doesn’t overheat
  • Your car’s brakes, so you can stop at those sightseeing pit stops
  • Your car’s belts and hoses, to ensure there are no leaks
  • And Your car’s heating and air conditioning, to keep you cool on summer days

Toyota & Lexus Repair Near Me

Bring your Toyota or Lexus in before any big trip or just for some scheduled maintenance. Either way, you know you’ll get the best service in the Jackson Area. Come in or make an appointment online with Jackson Auto Repair today, drive safe tomorrow!

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