Nissan and Infiniti are two brands meant for discerning drivers. From the fuel economy of a Nissan Altima or the durability of the Nissan Frontier to the power and sleek look of the Infiniti QX50, you cannot go wrong with any of the vehicles these brands created. Just like you can’t go wrong picking Jackson Auto Repair for your Asian Import repair needs.

Nissan Auto Service Jackson, TN

Jackson Auto Repair is not only dedicated to serving the European car owners of Jackson, TN but we specialize in Asian imports as well. We accept any and all Asian imports whether you own an Altima, Sentra, Titan, Frontier, or even the NV cargo or passenger, we have the lifts to hoist your car in the air and provide in-depth diagnostics and expert repairs. Our mechanics have studied and gained years upon years of experience with these cars and can fix any of your problems. Let’s get you back on the road and get your Nissan feeling better. We also specialize in removing the headache of car repairs.

Infiniti Auto Repair in Jackson, TN

Being the only shop in town that offers specialized work in European and Asian imports, we want to be your first choice to keep up and maintain your Infiniti. Coupe, sedan, or SUV makes no difference here, in our eyes your car is important no matter what. We may be in the business of fixing cars but our main goal is to keep you happy and on the road. So next time your car needs a tune-up or just does not seem to be running right, come see us at Jackson Auto Repair “Jackson’s Choice for Auto Repair”.

Why You Should Buy a Nissan or an Infiniti?

There are many reasons as to why you should buy a Nissan and why you should buy an Infiniti, but here at Jackson Auto Repair, we believe there are three main reasons.

  • Value – In comparison to their respected classes, both Nissan and Infiniti are great cars for their price tags. They offer great performance and longevity for a decent price. Plus if you live in the Jacksonville area and own one of these cars, you know that Jackson Auto and Repair has you covered to keep your car running and fulfilling that longevity.
  • Performance – Whether it is the fuel economy of a Nissan or the power of an Infiniti sports car, they both are the right fit for the right customer. Nissan or Infiniti, you cannot go wrong with these powerful, economical cars.
  • Safety – Safety is important to anyone but knowing that you drive a safe and secure vehicle makes it all that much more valuable to you and your family. Here at Jackson Auto Repair, we strive to keep our customers safe, so partner your safe car with our skills to keep you safe and that sounds like a long and happy life.

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